Intuitive Eating

How many times have you tried to lose weight?  How many diets have you done, lost the weight and after time and the he weight returns?  Are you tired of being obsessed with what you eat day in, day out, week in and week out?

Are you looking for a different solutions?

Science and Dieting

Scientific research is now in an agreement, dieting does not keep weight off permanently.  It is very difficult to find true longitudinal studies that follow people over a number of years that have managed to keep weight off.  So, what are you looking for, to lose weight or to learn to work with your body so as you begin to learn to eat for hunger not because you are feeling emotional.

The Intuitive Eating program (formerly known as ‘Body 4 Life’) has been running for just over 3 years and has helped many, many people change over from emotional eating to eating for hunger.

How do you know if you would benefit from becoming an intuitive eater?

Are you forever going from one diet to the next, rarely if ever happy with your body image and having to constantly deprive yourself of food.  Are you tired of fighting food?  Do you know that how you eat today is not only a result of childhood eating but your eating habits may have been handed down even two or three generations ago.  What type of relationship would you like to have with food? And as importantly what type of relationship with food would you like to pass onto the next generation.

 What is different about Intuitive Eating?

What makes this program different than nearly all the other programs that are out there on the market.  This one focuses on the WHY of eating.  If you are eating when you are not physically hungry then you are working against your body to maintain a higher settling point i.e. regular weight. 

The first thing we check is to determine if you have hormonal issues, blood sugar issues or any other condition that would impede your metabolism. If you have a current pre-condition, then you will work with our Naturopath’s to bring it back into balance.  Typically at the moment you may be eating because you are bored, emotional, out of pure habit and on the rare occasion you may check in to see if you are physically hungry.

Throughout the program we will work together on eliminating emotional states that lead to over-eating, eliminate eating just out of habit.

What can you expect to achieve?

You can expect to eat less food naturally, be able to have some of the foods that are on your current naughty list in moderation without having to finish the packet of biscuits just because you open them.  And, over a period of time your weight begins to reduce naturally if you are currently above your normal settling point.  You will gain back freedom in your head to start focusing on the things in life that you enjoy, rather than always having to be your internal food police.