If you are struggling with a gambling issue, one thing for sure is that it will not end well unless you successfully change your behaviour.  If you are gambling out of control, I can help you regain control relatively quickly if you commit to the process.  You are not broken and you are not weak.  Gambling is a good example of getting caught up in overwhelming feelings that you cannot seem to get control of.

 As a gambler you will keep re-negotiating with yourself to opt into the behaviour and opt out of abstinence.  I know you keep ignoring consequences, preferring instead to concentrate on the thrill and the excitement of the possible win while ignoring the history.  

I know you lean towards an all or nothing approach to life and have a tendency to reach for immediate gratification.  I know that once you get those feelings you struggle to tolerate the discomfort they bring.

Truthfully most talk therapies will have very little impact on this issue.  Gambling is largely an unconscious process and it requires an unconscious (hypnosis) process to tackle it.  In hypnosis you are much more likely to accept suggestions to change behaviour or recognise the consequences.

Prediction: 4 – 6 Sessions