Hypnosis is widely known for its ability to help people quit smoking. There are many reasons or triggers that cause you to smoke.  At ILLAWARRA Hypnotherapy we understand that you have created rituals around smoking, perhaps you always have a cigarette after a meal, maybe it's a smoke break at work or perhaps its something you do at night that you perceive is a way of helping you relax.  The truth is that the enjoyment with the initial hit is something that wears off after the first 1-3 puffs.  To quit smoking permanently we need to work together to give you other tools to have other means of handling the stressors in your daily life.

Scientific Research

Viswesvaran & Schmidt (1992) conducted a meta-analysis on 633 studies including 48 studies on hypnosis encompassed a total sample of 6.020 participants.

Hypnosis fared the best of all the treatments (including chewing gum, smoke aversion, 5-day tapering-off plans).

Predictions 3 – 5 Sessions