Three years ago, having worked extensively with people wanting to lose weight, I became fully aware that if you want to change your body weight or really win the battle with anxiety then the solution is a combination of brain and gut health. It became very obvious that giving people meal plans, setting them goals and giving education on what to eat, simply wasn’t enough.  In fact, generally speaking people are very aware of what they should and shouldn’t eat and that they need to do exercise.  But, largely they cannot stick to a regime or program for a prolonged period of time.  

So, what’s going on?  Why as a population are we struggling more today with stress, anxiety, weight issues and addictions than any time before.  How come we know more but seem to be able to achieve less.  Why is it with all the knowledge that is now available, that it appears to be still as difficult to handle the stresses of life. 

Part of the problem is that we are largely not working with the part of the brain that is the ‘boss’.  The area responsible for all our unconscious habits, processes and actions is our ‘unconscious mind’.

I went back to further my studies in Strategic Psychotherapy and Clinical Hypnotherapy with one of Australia’s leading education providers the Institute of Applied Psychology.  I also completed my Nero Linguist Programming (NLP) and Time Line Therapy course to Master Practitioner level with the US founder of Time Line Therapy Dr Tad James.

Today, I work as a hypnotherapist both locally at Lotus Wellbeing Centre and also via Skype.  My area of expertise are with getting people off the dieting cycle, teaching them how to become an Intuitive Eater, breaking the cycle of anxiety, overcoming addictions and confidence building.

Have you found yourself over the years going from one diet to another, losing and gaining weight overtime, or maybe you have been struggling with anxiety and although you have seen other practitioners you realise its time to stop talking about it and start doing something about it or maybe you know that you don't operate at your best, that you feel lack of confidence that prevents you from achieving your best.  

Then contact me today to find out how hypnotherapy can change your thinking and your life today.