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My name is Anne Goodall, thank you for taking time out to learn a little about who I am and how I may help you. For many years now, I have been working in the field of Natural Medicine. It all began back in 2001, when I decided to leave my birth country which is Ireland and emigrate to Australia to study Naturopathy. By 2004, I had graduated from the Australian College of Natural Therapies with a Diploma in Nutrition and an Advanced Diploma of Western Herbal Medicine. I think, like a lot of other practitioners, I was drawn into this field because I had my own health issues and I was looking to not just help myself but ideally also help others.


After graduating, I also began another important chapter of my life, I became a mum to a beautiful daughter called Lauren. Around this time, an old friend of mine which really is not a friend at all, called anxiety began to raise its foreboding head. Anxiety was something I had struggled with from the age of 21. After an incident where I had found myself stuck in a hotel bathroom for only a short while, I had begun to develop claustrophobic tendencies and found myself avoiding lifts and enclosed spaces. Unfortunately, I was to learn later, that if one has anxiety and doesn't get it resolved, it is unlikely to go away completely and returns to our lives during times of higher stress.


So, for many reasons, at that stage of my life, I wasn't in a position to set up my own practice, so I went and worked for a Weight loss company that in its time was quite infamous in Australia. A well-known brand with a very large following. This role appealed to me, because I had been pretty much a dieting addict from the time, I was 15 years old. I had done practically every diet that money could buy, and I was always chasing the next fad. In my early twenties, I had been bulimic for a period of time, something I used to be so ashamed of, but today I own it. As would be expected, initially after joining the company and doing their program, I like so many others lost some initial weight. However, I also like so many others put the weight back on (or at least part of it) as soon as I went back to normal eating. It was during this time in my life, as I literally worked with thousands of people (we had a very busy practice) that I really realised that is normal practice. PRETTY MUCH WE ALL PUT WEIGHT BACK ON AFTER DIETING!


Moving along a few years from then, at this stage, being a mum of a total of three young girls under the age of 7, I was to get the biggest wakeup call of my life. After discovering an innocuous spot on my hip and after insisting on its removal (although the Doctor at the time was adamant that I was over reacting). I got the news nobody ever wants to hear. I had stage II Melanoma. It was a shock, it was scary, but it was also my biggest gift. It was my biggest gift because, it was the shock I needed. I had the huge realisation as I looked at myself in the mirror that here I was a mum of young children and as I looked at my reflection in the mirror I realised that the saddest thing about having the Melanoma was that I had never really, truly loved the person in the mirror. I had spent years, criticising my image, only finding fault with my body, I only ever saw what was wrong with me or in truth what I perceived was wrong with me. I was devastated.

IT WAS TIME TO CHANGE…. No more diets, no more bagging myself out. I was tired of dieting, tired of struggling with anxiety, tired of looking for answers and spending money and not getting sustained results. But I knew I had to keep on searching, deep down I knew that it has to be possible to overcome such obstacles. I desperately, wanted to be the best mum possible, I didn’t want my girls to have the same issues with food that I had. I didn’t want anxiety to stop me from having fun and living life. I need to find a different solution, I had tried all the conventional methods, I was looking for something different.


I really do believe this with every cell in my body. It was 2014 and I couldn’t do the struggle anymore. I don’t belong to any particular religion, but I do have a Spiritual faith, and so I asked the Universe, God, Source or whatever label you wish to call that energy. I needed to be shown what and where to go. I asked, I believed that I would be shown, and I basically surrendered to the path. I didn’t know how or when help would come, I just knew it would somehow be taken care of.


A few months I was in my friends’ apartment up in the Northern Beaches of Sydney, and because my beautiful friends were cooking up a delicious dinner, I was in their hall looking at their array of books. I have always from the time I was a young kid, had the habit of picking up a book and reading a random chapter. This book I choose, and the chapter I was drawn to a chapter on Benjamin Hervey, unknown to me but a well-known self-empowerment guy in Australia. When I asked my friends about him, they were more than enthusiastic. It was because of this enthusiasm that I went to one of his free weekends.


Well the rest is history as the saying goes. I studied with Ben to do my life Coaching course, then I took my studies further and studied NLP and Timeline Therapy and eventually I studied in great depth the modality that has given me my life back aka Clinical Hypnotherapy. Today, I run a busy clinic South of Sydney, and I work with women from all over the Globe via the use of Skype, Facetime and Zoom. I specialise in working with women who suffer from stress, anxiety and eating issues. I know this territory because I have walked this journey and I also know how to get to the bottom of these issues and resolve them.


If you are not living your full potential and you want to stop stressing, stop struggling with anxiety, gain confidence and stop fighting with food. I would love for you to allow me to help you get on a new path.


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