Intuitive Weight Loss

Intuitive Weight-Loss is a state of the art program designed to teach your body and mind how to achieve and maintain your ideal weight range without ever having to diet again. The program uses Clinical Hypnotherapy, Strategic Psychotherapy and Coaching to make the necessary changes at both a conscious and sub-conscious level.

How did it come about?

Having spent years of my life, practically from the age of 15 to my early 40’s going from one diet to another, having spent thousands and thousands of hours thinking about what I should and should not eat. Having worked in the diet industry for approximately 3 years, working in a very busy clinic that would have had a few hundred clients per weekend and having disciovered without any doubt that dieting does NOT give us sustained weight loss, in fact if anything we now know scientifically that dieting can ultimately cause weight gain. Time and time again as I worked with people and helped them reach their goal weight, they similarly to myself would ultimately put the weight back on. And, worse still over time it got more difficult to lose those kilo’s. It was during this time that I discovered the major challenges that face people when they want to change body size.

What challenges happen when we go on a diet?

1. Once we tell our brain that we cannot have something ‘we then want that even more’.

2. When on a diet, or being a controlled eater - people spend a huge part of their day thinking about food.

3. It is common for people to find it difficult to leave food on their plate - very often our eating is influenced by our early childhood.

4. Dieting increases the cravings for salty and sugary foods.

5. When we finish dieting - the weight ultimately returns and sometimes even a little more.

6. Diet’s wreak havoc with our peace of mind.

How does Intuitive Weight-loss work?

To understand how intuitive weight loss works, you first need to understand that you don’t have one set figure on the scales that you meant to be… You might over the years have decided on a number on the scales that you would like to achieve… but in reality how many days can you be at that exact number.

So, you don't have one individualised number… you have a healthy weight range… and by this I am not referring to your BMI. Your body has a settling point that has approximately a 5Kg fluctuation (which is basically a size). So, we don't work towards a perfect number, we work towards you becoming your perfect size, and this size is more determined by your body and mind rather than maybe some social media idealist figure that you may be tempted to chase. When you eat for hunger and not for boredom, not for habit and not for emotion but for physical hunger… your body will naturally come back into its natural settling point.

Intuitive weight loss works by firstly working with your mind, it gets you back in touch with your innate ability to eat for physical hunger. It works on the subconscious level so as your body knows there will be no more diets, or from your brains perspective no more famines.

You will naturally learn how to look at food differently, you will find yourself craving different foods than you do now. As the program progresses you will learn to handle stress differently, develop a healthy relationship with movement / exercise and very importantly change the relationship you have with your body.

There are 7 Key Principles of Intuitive Weight-loss

1. Ditch the Dieting Mentality

2. Understand your ideal weight range and create an image in your mind that you are working towards.

3. Learn to eat for physical hunger

4. Re-negotiate your relationship with food.

5. Appreciate who you are.

6. Handle stress differently

7. Make movement part of your weekly recipe.

Is intuitive weight-loss another diet?

NO, absolutely not. When you diet you are telling your conscious mind that you cannot have certain foods, you are using your willpower to try and stay ‘good’, and when things go wrong and you break your promise you tend to eat like crazy for at least the rest of the day. When you are dieting you are working against your body, you are fighting with food and you are also fighting with your normal physiological responses.

When you do intuitive weight-loss, you are working with your body. First of all, you will always honour your hunger, you will never allow your body to go into a famine mode. So, your body will begin to lose it’s intense need to over eat food, because it will now know that it will be listened to from now on.

You will not be telling your body that you can’t eat certain foods, you will be informing your sub-conscious mind what certain foods are and you will find yourself naturally making the better choices at least 85% to 90% of the time. And, best of all, when there are times that you do decide to have a little chocolate or chips. You will now be able to stop and NOT have to eat everything in sight. You will not need to go on a binge or overindulge. And, you will not feel guilty. People who are a healthy, normal body weight do indulge now and again with these types of foods. It’s just that they can stop whenever they want.

Intuitive weight-loss will change your relationship with food and your body and how you do life for the rest of your life.

So, in order to know if this is a program that is suited for you. It’s best to ensure that you are not looking for one of the following.

Who is Intuitive weight-loss not suitable for?

  • You want another diet, you still believe in diets and you are looking for a magic wand and quick fix approach.
  • You want to lose weight but want to be able to eat fast food at least a few times per week and you are not negotiable on this.
  • You are trying to become the size you were when you were 21, although now you are in your forties. Our bodies change over time, and we need to appreciate where we are in life and work with achieving your best body for who you are today.

Intuitive weight-loss is perfect for you if…

  • You have been on many diets and you are now looking for an alternative.
  • You desire to eat largely healthy food, but would like to be able to have the occasional chocolate and leave it at that.
  • You want to stop thinking about food so much.
  • You have a realistic expectation on where you would like your body to be.
  • You want to be able to handle stress better.
  • And, most importantly you are looking for a lifetime solution and not just another quick fix.

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