Building Self Confidence

Hypnotherapy is a well-known treatment option for people struggling with low self-confidence or poor self-esteem. If you are constantly doubting yourself and holding yourself back from participating in life events that you would love to do because you believe you are not capable or comfortable with them, then you are allowing your lack of self-confidence to dampen your ability to enjoy life.

What is poor self confidence really?

From the perspective of ILLAWARRA Hypnotherapy, it’s not about having an inherent high or low self-esteem, rather its related to you being more realistic about your own self-assessment. It involves teaching you to become more accepting of all the parts of yourself some of which will be good, some not so good and a lot of which will be relatively neutral. It is not about being extremely confident about something that you don't have the skills for, but rather about having the confidence that match your skill set.

We will ask you what criteria you use to make a self-assessment. Are the criteria external or internal? Do you assume that other people are constantly judging? Do you have an excessive need for approval? Do you tend to avoid conflict? How do you feel about failure or rejection?

Ultimately what most people deem to be poor self-confidence can be treated very well with our form of hypnosis. We will help you give yourself permission to be okay with who you are and how you are, knowing that you are a work in progress and are good at things you’ve never even heard of yet.

Why treat poor self confidence?

It is important to note that the poor self-assessment is something that you learn quite young. Unfortunately it won’t change appreciably throughout your life unless you do something significant to intervene.  And every day that you live your life through the eyes of not having the confidence to put your best foot forward is a day that may have caused you to miss opportunities that may not arise again in the future.


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