The 6 Key’s to find body satisfaction.

Having spent years of my life worrying about calories, diet’s, trends and being overall unhappy with my body. And, throughout that time, I felt like I was always fighting a ‘war’ with food, a ‘war’ with my body and basically at ‘war’ with myself. Looking back now I see the irony of all of this. I think it was Einstein that is known for one of his famous quotes:

A problem needs to be solved at a different level of thinking, than the level of thinking that first created the problem.

When you are doing the dieting cycle, it is very easy to get totally absorbed with what you ate, what you didn’t eat, being good, having bad days etc. And in my experience when you are thinking at this level, you can never really, peacefully resolve your issues around food.

So, what are the 6 keys’ to finding body satisfaction?

1. Your body has an innate knowledge about how much food it needs to eat and when it needs its next meal. You don’t spend your whole day trying to plan how you are going to fall asleep or go to the toilet and like wise you don’t need to spend your waking hours being over-controlling with food.
Action: listen to when your body is hungry and give it food based on internal cues rather than external rules**

2. If you want your body to be fit, healthy and energetic. You need to fuel your body with ‘real food’. You need to realise that not all food is real food. Our supermarkets are filled with aisles of products that are contaminated with colourings, preservatives, massive levels of salt and sugar. A lot of these products are as addictive as drugs.
Action: Decide that you are going to begin to love your body enough to be fussy about what you consume, while at the same time finding balance.

3. Ensure that you have realistic body expectations. Everybody ages and everybody changes. It is not always possible to have the same body that we did 20 years ago. Equally, that does not mean that you have to just let your body go into disrepair.
Action: Start changing your self-talk to looking at your body and talking to it like you talk to your best friend. Your body has been with you all the days of your life during the good and the bad. Tell it you are now going to work with it, to be the best version of what it can be today.

4. Commit to changing your self talk to your body. It is so easy for women to tell you about the parts that we don’t like but a lot more difficult to say complimentary things to our bodies.
Action: Start focusing on a different part of your body each week, look at it through eyes of love, realise all that it allows you to do, everything in the world including your boy will respond better to love.

5. Exercise to enjoy life – not to just change your body shape. Exercise is such an important part of being and staying healthy, yet sometimes as women, we only exercise to beat ourselves up and tell ourselves that we are not good enough.
Action: Go out and find some form of activity that requires your body to exercise that you enjoy. As you do this, you will find it so much easier to be self-motivated. Your body will feel good and your mood will improve because exercise causes us to naturally release endorphins.

6. Realise that you are more than your body. Regardless of your a belief system, it is very difficult to imagine that when you either look at a baby or watch somebody dying, that it becomes obvious that we are more than our body’s.
Action: Meditate or listen to a hypnosis for spiritual alignment audio every day, get connected with who you are. You did not come to planet earth to only worry about your body, begin to see life through the bigger picture that it is.

About the Author Anne Goodall

CEO & founder of Illawarra Hypnotherapy and certified Psychotherapist and Clinical Hypnotherapist.

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